Professional Training

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights attaches great importance to the further training and continued professional development of local staff. They regularly participate in seminars and workshop series held by external and international trainers and supervisors. Topics range from clinical diagnostics, psychotherapy, trauma therapy and burnout prevention to human rights and the treatment of specific patient groups, such as children, victims of chemical attacks or female survivors of gender-based violence.

Between 2012 and 2015, the Jiyan Foundation in collaboration with the German Wings of Hope Foundation trained the very first 20 Iraqi trauma therapists. They have acquired much-needed skills in psychotraumatology not provided elsewhere in the entire country.

Each year, our psychotherapeutic staff participate in about 180 hours of external training as well as weekly case supervision and peer-to-peer seminars. Besides, some 30-40 staff attend annual seminars and professional exchange meetings in Germany in order to provide in-depth knowledge and initiate an exchange of ideas and expertise.

Qualified colleagues in turn pass on their knowledge to other local professionals from the health and social sector in order to advance mental health and rehabilitation services for a public that has been shaken by violence and traumatic events throughout the last decades.

Moreover, the Jiyan Foundation is committed to the thorough implementation of quality standards in the fields of psychotherapy, trauma therapy and psychosocial counseling in Iraq. We seek the permanent exchange with international trauma experts and have established an extensive network of specialists and external consultants.

In the long run, the Jiyan Foundation aims to launch a training institute with a regional approach targeting health professionals from the Middle East. We also envision the establishment of a national psychotherapists’ association.

Further Information

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