Combating Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Iraq and Afghanistan

Joint Forces

In partnership with the Berlin Center for Torture Victims, and together with the Bahjat al-Fuad Centre for Torture Victims, Medica Afghanistan and medica mondiale, we currently implement a 30-month joint project for victims of torture, inhuman treatment and gender-based violence. This project is funded by the European Commission’s Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). The project offers diagnostics and assessment of traumatized victims, medical treatment, mobile outreach services, psychological services, as well as socio-legal counseling. Furthermore, all partners carry out information, awareness-raising, sensitization and advocacy activities for traumatized victims of human rights violations and offer training to external stakeholders.

Our Partners

The Berlin Center for Torture Victims is one of the leading institutions of its kind and one of our closest partner organizations. Founded in 1992, it has treated thousands of traumatized refugees from more than 40 countries. The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) established the Bahjat al-Fuad Centre for Torture Victims in 2005 in Basra, southern Iraq, where it is the only professional organization caring for survivors of torture. Already three years before, medica mondiale, a German women’s rights NGO supporting female victims of gender-based and sexual violence in different war-torn countries, had launched Medica Afghanistan in Kabul. This organization is a pioneer in every respect as it was the first to offer psychosocial counseling and legal aid to women survivors of violence in Afghanistan, and the first to train Afghan medical doctors and lawyers in the treatment of traumatized girls and women.

Our Objectives

Through staff exchange, we intend to benefit and learn from each other’s expertise and experiences so as to produce joint project activities and to enhance services for survivors of violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, we seek to promote the thorough implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and to address survivors’ right to rehabilitation.

Further Information

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