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Program for Civil Society and Democracy

Program for Civil Society and Democracy

In order to advance a pluralistic civil society and democracy in Iraq, the Jiyan Foundation offers trainings and awareness raising events on human rights for various audiences. Our activities include seminars for school classes, trainings for multipliers, discussion groups for survivors of human rights violations and information for the general Iraqi public.

Human Rights Education Program in Schools

Children are the generation of the future. They will take charge of the society of tomorrow. Our human rights education program for schools is designed to prepare children and adolescents for a free, equal and non-violent society. This program is committed to strong and thoughtful children who treat each other with respect and know about their own rights and duties. We aim to support children and adolescents by

  • strengthening self-confidence and personality
  • creating awareness of fundamental rights and ways to protect oneself
  • dealing with anger and agression
  • promoting friendships and supporting networks
  • fostering a climate of mutual respect and tolerance
  • supporting non-violent ways of problem-solving
  • promoting non-discrimination and equal opportunities for girls and boys.

We use a child-friendly approach that helps students to actively participate and to adopt new perspectives.

Trainings for Multipliers

We train persons who are in daily contact with survivors of human rights violations. We aim at increasing awareness on the situation of survivors and advancing their protection.

Our pedagogues, social workers, therapists and medical doctors offer a wide range of seminars, information events and counseling for

  • school teachers and other pedagogical staff
  • social workers and counselors in public service institutions such as women' s shelters or orphanages
  • health care specialists
  • prison guards and police officers
  • lawyers and other members of the judicial system
  • politicians and key decision-makers
  • members of human and women's rights associations.

Topics of our trainings encompass basics of human rights, the rights and needs of women and children, causes and effects of violence and effective ways of supporting and protecting survivors

Empowering Survivors through Information and Awareness

We offer a variety of workshops and dialogue groups aimed at informing survivors about their rights and ways to claim them. These include

  • psychoeducational groups that help survivors to identify their needs and take care of themselves
  • discussion groups where affected women share experiences and overcome their isolation
  • peer-to-peer support groups that help men to break through circles of violence and prevent domestic violence
  • information events for parents on basic needs of children and non-violent education

We further produce and disseminate information material, organize campaigns and awareness raising events and regularly publish human rights issues in local media.

Further Information

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