Oct 18, 2019 Last Updated 12:45 PM, Sep 30, 2019

He Found Her Between the Dead

lost mother

Ari is an eleven-year-old boy who was born in Baghdad and lost his mother in a terrorist attack. Together with his father and grandmother, he now lives in Kirkuk.

One day, when Ari was only six years old, his mother and grandmother went to the market in Baghdad. One hour later, the little boy heard an explosion coming from the same direction. He called his father who started looking for his wife all over the market place. "When he could not find her, my father went to the hospital to see whether she was among the injured. He found her between the dead."

When Ari found out about his mother's death, he was in shock. He could not understand what had happened as she had kissed him only a few hours earlier. Three years after the incident, Ari could not accept her death because "she did not suffer from any illness".

As Ari's family was Kurdish and the security situation in Baghdad deteriorated quickly, they lived in a constant state of fear. When his father received death threats, he decided to quit his job and move to Kirkuk where they rented a small house. This step was too much for Ari. He started to cry even more than before, was always sad and grieving for his mother, his former home and friends. His father has not remarried in order not to affect his son's psychological state any further.

Ari's grandmother accompanied him to his first session at the Jiyan Foundation. She told us that he also had some behavioral problems, was screaming often and speaking nervously. Our therapists noticed that he seemed very sad and did not want to be there at all.

Ari was diagnosed with a conduct and emotional disorder. Slowly, he got used to our place and was all the more quick to like our children's room. Our child therapist helped him to express his sadness through drawings and play therapy. He continues seeing our psychotherapist twice a month in order to monitor his progress.

After four months Ari's condition has improved and was willing to go back to school. He likes to play with other children, especially in the group therapy room.