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Advocacy and Campaigns

Day against Torture

As a human rights organization, the Jiyan Foundation advocates and campaigns for those who are marginalized or do not have a voice in politics, law and society. We work to achieve a thorough implementation of human rights in Iraqi law, to sensitize the Iraqi people to their rights, and to advance their abilities to claim these rights.

By organizing campaigns and policy initiatives and liaising with political and cultural leaders, we aim to change laws and cultural practices. By raising the public's awareness and training practitioners, we intend to prevent future human rights abuses and develop people's capacity to defend human rights where they are most endangered.

Therefore, the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights seeks to act as:

  • an advisory partner for political leaders and representatives in all human rights matters
  • a specialized organization that can support state-run institutions to improve their human rights standards and assistance to victims
  • a representative for civil society and survivors of human rights abuses
  • a local contact and information point for human rights organizations and institutions at the international level.


Our advocacy and campaigning efforts cover a variety of subjects focusing on supporting the most vulnerable groups. Topics include:

  • the rights of survivors of violence, including their right to rehabilitation
  • women’s and children’s rights
  • the rights refugees and displaced people
  • the protection of pluralism and the fight against intolerance and extremism
  • the implementation of quality standards in the field of psychotherapy, trauma therapy and psychosocial counseling in Kurdistan and Iraq.


In order to advance human rights in Kurdistan and Iraq and achieve our goals as outlined above, the Jiyan Foundation engages in the following activities:

  • lobbying and advocating for the implementation of relevant human rights conventions and standards
  • training key practitioners and multipliers (police, judicial officials, medical staff)
  • awareness-raising throughout society via campaigns, public events and seminars
  • publishing and disseminating human rights literature
  • coordinating with legal institutions and representatives.

Further Information

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