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Press Releases

26 June 2017
Different Context, Same Methods: Torture Remains A Major Human Rights Concern in Iraq
The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is appalled by recent reports of torture at the hands of Iraqi Special Forces, and strongly condemns such grave violations of international human rights law on the occasion of the UN Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
Press Release 2017-03-08 (English)

08 March 2017
Unheard Voices from Iraqi Women's Shelters: Horrific Accounts of Abuse in the Shadow of War and Terror
While the media rightly focus on the fate of the enslaved Yazidi women and girls, other victims of gender-based violence in the region go currently unnoticed. The Jiyan Foundation dedicates this year's International Women's Day to the many female survivors of domestic and family violence in Kurdistan-Iraq and its neighboring countries.
Press Release 2017-03-08 (English)

10 December 2016
"Standing Up for Human Rights is Our Shared Responsibility"
The Jiyan Foundation observes this year’s Human Rights Day promoting the United Nations’ motto to stand up for someone’s rights. At a time when powerful countries are ruled by autocrats and populist leaders and others tyrannized by dictators, this motto not only calls on governments but on everyone.
Press Release 2016-12-10 (English)

26 June 2016
"Saddam’s Legacy: The Forgotten Sufferings of Torture Survivors in Iraq"
With the country on the brink of collapse, and all eyes on the terrorist group ISIS as well as the neighboring Syrian civil war, the many remnants of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship have vanished from the public agenda in Iraq. Among them are those who survived the dungeons of the Ba’ath regime, those who were subjected to torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment. The Jiyan Foundation wants to make them visible again.
Press Release 2016-03-16 (English)

16 March 2016
"28 Years After the Attacks on Halabja: ISIS Uses Chemical Weapons Against Civilians in Iraq"
There is growing evidence that the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (ISIS) has used mustard and chlorine gas against Kurdish fighters and civilians in Iraq. The Jiyan Foundation condemns the use of chemical weapons and stands in solidarity with the victims.
Press Release 2016-03-16 (English)

10 December 2015
"War and Fundamentalism in the Middle East Disrupt Global Tendency of Decreasing Violence"
From a global history perspective, mankind currently witnesses the most peaceful era that has ever existed. In stark contrast to the declining levels of violence worldwide, the Jiyan Foundation observes an alarming throwback in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
Press Release 2015-12-10 (English)
Press Release 2015-12-10 (Deutsch)

25 November 2015
"First Trauma Clinic for Yazidi Women in Iraq"
The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights opened the first inpatient treatment facility for traumatized women and girls in Iraq. Female survivors of gender-based violence and their children will benefit from a holistic rehabilitation program.
Press Release 2015-11-25 (English)
Press Release 2015-11-25 (Deutsch)

3 August 2015
"One Year After Sinjar: Protection of Survivors Must Always Come First"
On the occasion of the first anniversary of the terrorist attack on Sinjar and the genocidal campaign against the Yazidi people, therapists of the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights encourage a reponsible handling of survivor stories in international media.
Press Release 2015-08-03 (English)
Press Release 2015-08-03 (Deutsch)

26 June 2015
"Haunted by the past and terrorized by the present"
On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights calls for more support for survivors of torture and terror in Iraq.
Press Release 2015-06-26 (English)
Press Release 2015-06-26 (Deutsch)

25 May 2015
A Decade of Trauma Treatment and Human Rights Work in Iraq
On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights urges the Iraqi government to enhance rehabilitation services for survivors of human rights abuses.
Press Release 2015-05-25 (English)
Press Release 2015-05-25 (Deutsch)

17 April 2015
The Very First Group of Iraqi Trauma Therapists Graduates Today
The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights and the Wings of Hope Foundation trained 20 urgently needed trauma specialists in Iraq.
Press Release 2015-04-17 (English)
Press Release 2015-04-17 (Deutsch)

09 April 2015
No End in Sight to Violence and Persecution: Iraq Twelve Years after the Fall of Saddam Hussein
Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights calls on Iraqi government to ensure access to rehabilitation for survivors of the Ba'ath regime and victims of recent human rights abuses.
Press Release 2015-04-09

16 March 2015
The Wounds Have Not Healed: Commemorating the 1988 Chemical Attacks on Halabja
Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights urges government of Iraq to rehabilitate survivors of Halabja massacre and their families.
Press Release 2015-03-16

07 July 2014
Joint Commitment for Rapid Assistance in Northern Iraq
bzfo und Jiyan Foundation assist Internally Displaced Persons with relief packages in Iraq.
Press Release 2014-07-07

26 June 2014
UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
Fighting Impunity: Kirkuk Center urges Government of Iraq to enforce the UN Convention Against Torture.
Press Release 2014-06-26

06 February 2014
International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
Kirkuk Center urges Kurdish government to enforce the regional Family Violence Law prohibiting female circumcision.
Press Release 2014-02-06