Nov 24, 2020 Last Updated 4:25 PM, Oct 10, 2020

Syria: Five Years of Conflict

Four Years of Conflict

More than five years of civil war have left large parts of Syria in ruins and severely affected its civilian population. While some five million people have fled the country, another eight million have been displaced within Syria.

At the Jiyan Foundation, we support traumatized Syrian refugees in four camps in North Iraq through medical aid and psychological assistance. Every year, some 4000 Syrians receive help in our centers. About 90% of them are women and children.

In light on the length of the conflict, political as well as media attention concerning the situation in Syria is waning at a time when the needs of the civilian population are ever increasing. Besides, the ongoing conflict has brought with it a multitude of human rights abuses. Here we present a number of campaigns that take action. Please support the Syrian civil society with your voice.

The Syria Campaign

The Syria Campaign aims at advocating for the needs of non-violent and peaceful Syrians who have been caught between the political and military rivalries of the conflict. It tries to draw attention to the fate of the country as a whole, but particularly to those showing courage, resilience and compassion whilst enduring the conflict. The Syria Campaign tries to ensure that the world does not lose sight of the suffering of peaceful Syrians, wherever they are and whatever their need.

Adopt a Revolution

The Adopt a Revolution project is an initiative of Syrian and German activists which aims at supporting peaceful activists through financial support, international solidarity, knowledge transfer and civil intervention. The campaign cooperates with local grass-roots committees and civil society centers and raises funds for humanitarian purposes, education, networking and human rights activism.

Planet Syria

The Planet Syria campaign is an initiative of non-violent Syrian activists who engage people around the world in solidarity to stop the violence and extremism. Assuming that there is no military solution to the conflict, they call on the international community to engage in peace talks with all actors involved. They also call on the international community to follow through on the UN Resolution 2139 and to stop the regime’s barrel bombs and air attacks.

Further Information

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