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Dr. Abdulkarim Khidhir Abbas Psychiatrist
Abobakr Omer Ismaiel Al-Salhi Physiotherapist
Dr. Adnan Asaad Tahir Psychiatrist
Akam Ali Saeed Medical Doctor
Ako Faiq Mohammed Local Branch Manager
Amanj Hussein Medical Assistant
Aras Hewa Majeed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Araz Abdulrahman Ahmed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Arkan Latif Hameed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Aryan Othman Abdalla Driver
Asma Ibrahim Muhamad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Aveen Mustafa Hameed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Aveen Shahab Aziz Counselor / Psychotherapist
Awder Abubakir Said-Hamalaw Counselor / Psychotherapist
Ayad Hasan Murad Pharmacist
Azad Ali Ibrahim Supervisor
Azad Mustafa Qader Local Branch Manager
Bakhtiar Hadi Hassan Counselor / Psychotherapist
Bakhtyar Othman Omer Counselor / Psychotherapist
Baydaa Azeez Meerzasaleh Medical Doctor
Berivan Khudhur Abdullah Counselor / Psychotherapist
Bestoon Hatam Hamarash Administrative Assistant
Bland Barzan Ameen Counselor / Psychotherapist
Chenar Seerwan Ahmad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Chnur Ahmad Husein Janitor
Chnur Younis Mustafa Medical Doctor
Dana Khalid Hameed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Dana Taib Gharib Medical Doctor
Darin Mohammad Meho Secretary / Receptionist
Darya Dilshad Yahea Accountant / Computer Assistant
Deedar Anwer Othman Medical Doctor
Deeman Talaat Mohammed Secretary / Receptionist
Delman Muhammed Kareem Public Relations Officer
Deraw Jamal Mahmood Counselor / Psychotherapist
Ebtihal Abdulrahman Mohamad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Elham Salah Ibrahem Counselor / Psychotherapist
Fahima Hasan Khalil Secretary / Receptionist
Fakhir Mohammad Abbas Counselor / Psychotherapist
Farhad Mahmood Ahmed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Farhang Mohialdeen Ghaffar Medical Doctor
Farsat S. Saadi Medical Doctor
Fathel Rasho Dahar Janitor
Fatma Mahmood Abdullah Janitor
Fuad Hamad Amen Ismael Janitor
Ghalib Qadir Hamza Guard
Goran Latif Mohammed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Gulala Hussein Mohammed Nurse
Halwest Saadi Karim Counselor / Psychotherapist
Hana Keqebad Hussein Accountant / Computer Assistant
Dr. Hardi Abdulqader Mohammed Psychiatrist
Hardi Kareem Jalal Medical Doctor
Hardi Mohammed Dhahir Medical Doctor
Hashim Abdullah Mohammad Lawyer
Haveen Haji Ali Medical Doctor
Hawkar Othman Hamad Ameen Counselor / Psychotherapist
Hawre Rasool Raza Counselor / Psychotherapist
Hawre Sabir Qadir Counselor / Psychotherapist
Hedayat Omer Abdullah Driver
Hedi Mohammed Dhahir Counselor / Psychotherapist
Heerish Saadi Azuo Counselor / Psychotherapist
Hemin Tahseen Ahmed Medical Doctor
Hero Ahmed Ghafour Counselor / Psychotherapist
Hive Shaban Muhammad Secretary / Receptionist
Huda Muhy Al Deen Rasheed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Ibrahim Ahmad Faraj Gardener
Ibrahim Hama-Sa'ed Mohammed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Idris Haji Ahmed Medical Doctor
Jalal Hamad Hasan Medical Doctor
Jamal Omar Tawfeeq Psychiatrist
Jihad Assi Mam Azeez Counselor / Psychotherapist
Jihad Ibrahim Hama Medical Doctor
Jiwan Salih Hasan Counselor / Psychotherapist
Juman Awni Naoom Accountant / Computer Assistant
Jwan Qader Rahman Counselor / Psychotherapist
Jwana Salah Faraj Counselor / Psychotherapist
Kafia Anwar Jum'a Janitor
Karim Kaka-Ameer Kareem Driver
Karzan Jasim Mohammed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Kaveen Fatah Mohamad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Kazhal Hidayat Karam Secretary / Receptionist
Khairy Murad Ahmad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Khalil Akram Mohammed Physiotherapist
Khonav Ali Hasan Counselor / Psychotherapist
Koher Abdulsalam Mohammed Medical Doctor
Kwestan Mahmood Karim Medical Doctor
Laila Ahmed Saleh Counselor / Psychotherapist
Lavan Jalal Omar Counselor / Psychotherapist
Layla Rifat Tawfeeq Counselor / Psychotherapist
Makwan Mohammed Abdulkareem Medical Doctor
Meran Rafiq Abda Pedagogue
Mohammed Nasir Supervisor
Mohammed Saber Kareem Counselor / Psychotherapist
Mohammed Wali Abdulla Counselor / Psychotherapist
Mtmna Sulaiman Mohammad Secretary / Receptionist
Nabaz Azwar Ahmed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Narin Ahmad Rahim Counselor / Psychotherapist
Nazanin Mahdi Salih Accountant
Nihayat Bakir Abdulrahman Medical Doctor
Ninos Sargon Yonan Driver
Nora Shilaimon Athnil Janitor
Omar Ghazi Rashid Driver
Omer Ali Mohammed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Dr. Perjan Hashim Taha Psychiatrist
Project Assistant Lena Otte
Project Associate Leif Hinrichsen
Qamar Ramdan Yaseen Janitor
Rangin Raies Mohealdin Counselor / Psychotherapist
Rebwar Faraj Abdalrahman Medical Doctor
Rebwar Kamal Hama Physiotherapist
Redar Mohmed Amin Psychiatrist
Researcher Sabine Schimpf
Rizgar Qadir Rahman Counselor / Psychotherapist
Rospin Noel Baito Local Director
Rozhan Omer Ali Counselor / Psychotherapist
Dr. Rushdy Ali Mirza Jaff Supervisor
Salah Mustafa Hama Shareef Driver
Salar Mohammed Ameen Medical Doctor
Sally Bahnam Habeeb Medical Doctor
Samir Ahmed Huossien Counselor / Psychotherapist
Sana' Dawod Mikhaeel Janitor
Sardar Mohammed Rashed Driver
Sarmad Adnan Omar Medical Doctor
Sarwan Jamal Abdul-Qadir Counselor / Psychotherapist
Sarwat Ahmad Abdulqader Pharmacist
Savinya Khalid Hamahali Secretary / Receptionist
Sazgar Jabar Mohammed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Sdiq Muhamad Hasan Administration
Shadan Hamalaw Radha Counselor / Psychotherapist
Shadya Aobed Amin Counselor / Psychotherapist
Shahab Aziz Ali Driver
Shahla Yaseen Hesein Counselor / Psychotherapist
Shanga Shaeda Mohammed Ameen Medical Doctor
Shano Irfan Saleh Physiotherapist
Shara Barzan Ghafoor Counselor / Psychotherapist
Shareef Jawdat Ali Local Director
Sharief Qasim Mirza Medical Doctor
Shawkat Haji Saeed Physiotherapist
Shayma Ahmed Othman Nurse
Shaymaa Khaleel Ibrahim Counselor / Psychotherapist
Sheerin Karim Juma Nurse
Sheler Mohammadian Counselor / Psychotherapist
Sherko Qadir Mahmood Driver
Sherwan Abdulsttar Hesen Counselor / Psychotherapist
Sirwa Najmaldin Jalal Al-Jaf Pediatrician
Sivan Abdalla Mahmood Counselor / Psychotherapist
Snoor Abbas Hama Saeed Counselor / Psychotherapist
Solan Sherko Mahdi Medical Doctor
Suham Sabir Ghafoor Counselor / Psychotherapist
Suham Wahab Mohammed Nurse
Tawoos Jalal Salih Cook
Vaman Remzi Sediq As'ad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Viyan Azad Shauqi Counselor / Psychotherapist
Dr. Wahid Ablahad Harmz Counselor / Psychotherapist
Waleed Azad Omar Medical Doctor
Warzer Jalal Ali Counselor / Psychotherapist
William Yousif Slif Accountant / Administrative Assistant
Yadgar Natiq Abbas Psychiatrist
Youshia Odisho Warda Medical Doctor
Yousif Abdulmuhsin Salih Local Director
Zaneera Abubakir Sameen Counselor / Psychotherapist
Zarya Usman Ali Counselor / Psychotherapist
Zewar Abdlbaki Ahmad Counselor / Psychotherapist
Zryan Luqman Hasan Secretary / Receptionist
Salah Ahmad President • Director-General
Michael Lehmann Vice-President • Director of Strategy
Yousif Abdulmuhsin Salih Director of External Affairs
Friederike Regel Director of Project Development
Shareif Jawdat Ali Director of Medical Services
Bayan Azizi Director of Legal Affairs
The Jiyan Advisory Board is a council of committed men and women who share the values and goals of the Jiyan Foundation and who help us improve our daily work. Board members have various professional and cultural backgrounds and contribute their expertise and thinking to our current and future activities. Please meet them here!
Rizgar Mohammed Amin is the former chief judge who presided over the first trial of Saddam Hussein for charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Amin graduated from the Law School of Baghdad University in 1980. He was reluctant to join the Ba’ath party and long prevented from joining the ranks of his colleagues.
Dr. Derek Farrell is a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Worcester, United Kingdom. He is an expert in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and has extensive experience in psychological interventions and trainings within humanitarian assistance programs.
Prof. Christine Gosden is a British professor for Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine working at the University of Liverpool. She developed a particular interest in the study of the long-term health consequences of the 1988 chemical weapons attack on the civilian population of Halabja, Northern Iraq, and has done extensive research on this topic.
Sherzad Qader Mahmood is the Group Director of Human Resources at Halabja Group of Companies, an entity with more than 1,000 staff based in Sulaymaniyah. He has earned a Master's degree in International Management and Leadership and has more than 18 years of experience in business services management.
Prof. Friedbert Pflüger is a German entrepreneur, senior advisor and former member of the German Parliament where he served as parliamentary secretary of state at the Ministry of Defence. He teaches at the King’s College London (department of War Studies) and is the managing director of Pflüger International Consultants in Berlin and KGE Business Alliances in Berlin and Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq.
Dr. Rebwar Saeed is a Kurdish artist who spent several years in London where he earned his PhD in Fine Arts. His paintings have reached a large international audience. Saeed is currently the head of the art’s department of the University of Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan-Iraq.

Order of Merit

Bundesverdienstkreuz Salah Ahmad

Salah Ahmad Receives Order of Merit

Salah Ahmad, founder of the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, received the Order of Merit on Neck Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany from the Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Dr. Gerd Müller for his humanitarian work...

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