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Inter-Religious and Inter-Ethnic Dialogue

The Jiyan Foundation started a dialogue program in 2017, bringing together representatives of the diverse religious and ethnic community in Kurdistan-Iraq to explore ways to strengthen the region's unity and keep embracing its diversity.

The program is funded by the European Union.


Hopes and Dreams

Saif was a police officer in Mosul. For this reason, he was taken prisoner by ISIS and executed. His family was forced to flee. His wife tells of their escape, and how the family is processing the trauma. His children share their hopes and dreams.

The video was created in collaboration with The Red Pencil International, a non-profit organization that teaches art therapy worldwide.


Psychotherapy for ISIS Survivors

Ma'ali Hazam is from Mosul. When ISIS invaded the city, her's and her family's lives were changed completely. They found refuge in Sulaymaniyah where Ma'ali sought the help of Jiyan Foundation to work through her experiences and find new perspectives. This is her story.


Support for Syrian Refugees in Kurdistan

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights helps Syrian refugees in Kurdistan with medical and psychosocial services. This short video portrays our work in the Domiz refugee camp, where psychotherapists and medical doctors provide free-of-charge services to families who escaped the war in Syria.

The video is distributed with kind permission from Misereor and the director Carmen Eckhard. A full version of the portray (in German) can be found here:

Support Displaced Families in Iraq

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